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Adventure Tours

Our adventure tours offer the opportunity to explore Jordan in a variety of ways, crossing terrain not seen by road travel.

You will be able to hike through the canyons of Dana, cross the mountains and valleys of Feynon and Araba and explore the city of rocks in in Petra -hike dana to petra- and so much more.

We cater for small groups and can provide private and custom tours of one day or multiple days with overnight stays.  Group sizes will be limited to 16 people and will be a mix of solo travellers, couples and groups of friends and a range of different ages.  All with accompanying guides who ensure you have a true Jordanian adventure.

Adventure tours tend to be more challenging so do make sure you check each tour for details of terrain, pace, ability etc. Our guides are fully trained and experienced in all activities.  We carefully select accommodation which ranges from local hotels and guest houses to traditional Bedouin camps.

On our tours, you will hike and trek across stunning landscapes, climb mountains, venture off the beaten track, splash in waterfalls, float in the Dead Sea.   Discover the tranquillity of the desert, the remote mountains and valleys and walk on untouched parts of the world – we can show you so many ways to explore this beautiful country.



hike dana to petra

Hike Dana to Petra

tour in Al-Nawatef Trail

tour in Wadi Al-Hassa

travel to Bedouin Camp

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