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The Desert Moon team are all local Jordanians with extensive experience within the tourist industry – experts in our field – and are committed to providing our clients with an authentic taste of the Middle Eastern. We are licensed and trained and hold all the required local authorisations to operate tours.
Based in Dana, we offer tours of all attractions across Jordan.  Some of our tours will include travel to Israel and Palestine, places entwined in the history of Jordan.  Every tour will be led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide who will provide you with expert information about the sites we visit.  You will be guided through the cultural, religious and historical background of each location on our journey, and we can give suggestions on places to eat and drink.  Some of our inclusive tours mean we will dine as a group in local restaurants, or our meals will be cooked by local hosts.
Working with local people and businesses is part of our ethos and this means you will experience the authentic side of Jordan and meet great people along the way.  
But we don’t just leave it there.  Our team can offer additional services to ensure everything you need for your stay is catered for.


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tour in Shaq Al-Reesh