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Al-Shoubak District

Our Philosophy

tour in Shaq Al-Reesh
Desert Moon Tours is dedicated to providing all clients with an authentic Jordanian experience which will bring meaning to your life story.

Our team consists of local staff who are passionate about our country. Together, they collaborate to deliver tours and holidays which submerse travellers into the deep history and rich culture of Jordan.

Community matters to us - we work with local businesses and local people to deliver our services. We are conscious to ensure that the communities we visit receive the maximum economic benefit of our interactions. 

Our land is the home of travellers, explorers, prophets and wanderers. Our people have been living peacefully with different ethnicities for hundreds of years and this has created a beautifully artistic and historic mosaic of Jordan. 

Our tours are inclusive. All of the groups’ abilities are considered and every effort is made to ensure your stay will be a wonderful adventure that we create together.

All of these aspects enable us to support our local communities and leave a positive impact wherever we visit. Our dedication to this philosophy ensures that all who join us will be rewarded with positive experiences and cherished memories of our beautiful country.

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tour in Shaq Al-Reesh