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Tour Itinerary

  • Today no planned activities, if you arrive early, you may want to wonder in the Rain-Bow Street (1st circle) and have dinner in one of the old restaurants or go for walk in the old down-town of Amman.
  • Accommodation :Toledo Hotel or similar.
  • Meals:(None).

This morning we drive for 10 minutes to Amman center. We visit the  citadel - Jabal al- Qal'ah, the highest point in Amman, on the slope of the hill we see the Roman Temple of Hercules, 2nd c. A.D. and buildings of Umayyad Palace 7th c. A.D.

After, we descend to the Roman Theatre, in the heart of Amman to see the traditional clothes museum.

Later this morning we carry on travelling south, just as traders, armies and pilgrims have done before us, along the impressive 5,000-year-old King's Highway to Kerak. Imposingly situated on a rocky outcrop next to the road and containing a maze of stone-vaulted halls and passageways, this ancient Crusader stronghold is the most famous among a chain of fortresses built for the Holy War against Islam.

Tonight we stay in Dana camp, in the heart Dana Reserve where Bedouins used to camp before the conservation of the reserve. This place is operated by locals who used to be hunters, shepherd and wood collectors. Dana changed them into nature patrols and eco- tourism service providers. some of the money we spend there goes to nature conservation and local communities.    

Dana valley (our walk) is the most important geological aspect in this region.

  • Accommodation: Rummana campsite or similar
  • Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

After break-fast, we get transfer to Dana Village, we start the walk from there, descend from Mediterranean climate (1200 m) above sea-level to (100 m) above sea-level. Through this walk, we explore the open area of Dana, natural floral museum.

Wadi Dana is the most important geological aspect in the Dana nature reserve. Its great canyon joins the rift valley through the Feynan desert (mentioned in the Bible as Fyenan). This nature dates back for thousands of years as Feynan is the oldest sight for copper mining (4600 BC). It’s a very colorful day where you come across Bedouin families who still practice this mystical lifestyle and where you can see their scattered goat herds.

We visit the ancient copper sites in Feynan along the walk, and learn about medicinal plants and their usages.

* Evening activity: Story told by experienced wise Bedouin by the camp fire, punctuated by flout playing in the background

  • Accommodation: Wild Camp 
  • Meals: Break-fast, lunch, dinner.
  • Walk distance: 18 km.
  • Grade: Easy

We head to little Petra via Namalah road (ant's track road), we visit the Nabateans ancient caravan station (3 BC century- 1st century AD).Namalah Road is a twisting road ascends from 100 meters above sea level into panoramic views 900 above sea level.  After, we walk via the mountains of Almatalah all the way to the monastery in the mountain. Then we descend to the main site. We enter Petra via the Roman part. 
The first Nabatean's carved monument we're going to see is the Monastery, a hilltop temple, the largest structure in Petra. Requires a strenuous trek up 800 stairs, with plenty of tranquil spots along the way to rest and admire the views. Then, we head to the Street of Facades, this row of more than forty tombs and other structures lining the cliff walls of the Outer Siq is noteworthy because a few of the tombs are easily accessible. After this, Royal Tombs are our next destination, a collection of particularly large and ornate tombs, thought to be reserved for monarchs and high-level aristocracy. Qasr al-Bint, one of the only free-standing buildings in Petra, this imposing temple was once the primary Nabatean place of worship. Colonnaded Street which is Petra's main drag, is the next. Theater, this huge, Hellenic-style amphitheater near the Street of Facades has a capacity for 8,500 people and was built before the Roman occupation in the first century AD. Treasury will be at the end of the Siq, you'll be welcomed to Petra by The Treasury, a towering and impeccably preserved example of Nabatean rock-cut architecture. Siq, a dramatic passage between two towering rock walls, is the most common way to enter Petra. It's easy to walk. 


Accommodation: Fixed Camp: Al-Amareen Bedouin Camp or similar

Meals: Break-fast, lunch, dinner.
Distance: 16 km
Grade: Moderate 



Start walk from Rum village to Lawrence spring then you walk to Alkhazaly canyon (you visit rock art and graffiti). You walk to a small bridge, to your camp.  After sunset, we enjoy the Bedouin hospitality around the campfire under a blanket of stars; a great setting to share stories while sipping mint and sage tea. A traditional zarb, consisting of a chicken or a goat meat (vegetarian options available) cooked under the desert sand, is served as well as a delicious selection of mezze.
The campsite we use presents the opportunity to experience traditional Bedouin living arrangements in a large communal style goat hair tent, which provides the best protection against typical desert extremes of hot and cold weather. Overnight in single and twin tents woven out of goats' hair , that's is the traditional Bedouin way of camping in desert. Bedouin weave waterproof hand made tents. 
A toilet and wash block with limited washing facilities is also available during our stay. 

Accommodation:  Fixed Camp with sharing facilities ( Bedouin Camp)

Meals:   Break-fast, lunch, dinner.

Distance: 14 km

Grade: Moderate

After break-fast we walk back to Rum Village you may want to experience the desert on camels or walk, if you want to make less effort, you could take the Jeep car straight ahead to our bus. 1 hour journey to Aqaba. Check in Hotel and explore the amazing coral in Red Sea, either from boat or private beach. Before sunset you may want to walk in Aqaba city, as Aqaba is the favorite place for locals, because it’s the only costal city in Jordan.

Accommodation: My Hotel or similar.

Meals: Break-fast

Distance:10 km

This morning we depart Aqaba and follow the Wadi Araba road, where you see two countries along the journey, Israel on the left side and Jordan on the right side (We signed peace treaty with Israel 1994)

This scenic road goes on the bed of the rift valley where colors of dunes and mountains are changing the scenery in dramatic way. 

We will see the Ghore farms where most of vegetables and fruits on Jordanian dish come from. 

This is 4 hours bus journey before we arrive the Dead Sea, the unique water body that has high salt content (33%) which means no marine life survives and it's impossible to sink.

It's an amazing experience of natural floating on the calm sea.

Finally, we drive back to Amman (the capital). You've some free time for some shopping and enjoy oriental meal.

Tour ends in Amman. If you choose to stay longer in Jordan to do more activities, we are always available to advice.

Meals: Breakfast

Tour Overview :

This tour goes on moderate + level, aims to integrate you into the deep routs of this land and gives you direct and real exposition to nature and human. Walking on moderate base into remote and wild areas with high standers of safety and operation procedures. 

Enjoy Jordan to the maximum and stay in safe hands.

-There will be several local guides depends on the walking area.


*Airport transfers and destination



*Meals (6 breakfast- 3 lunch- 4 dinner)

-Excluded (Optional):

*Boat Trip: Four hours in the Red Sea, two sites for snorkeling, lunch on board, soft drinks, snorkeling gear, life guard, life jacket. (Toilet, showers and towels are all available) 50.00 USD

*Camel ride:Enjoy the experience of desert on camel bike and travel like ancient caravan. These camels are rented by Bedouins and supporting them to make living. 50.00 USD

*Petra by Night:You walk between candles all the way to the treasury there you enjoy music playing and light show. 25.00 USD

-English speaking driver

- New model cars/  6-seat buses, AC, WIFI

-Age range: 16-80


* Single: 1850 USD

* Twin: 1700 USD

Dates, Prices and Booking

Hike Dana to Petra

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Bedouin camp under the stars