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Tour Itinerary

  • Today no planned activities, if you arrive early, you may want to wonder in the Rain-Bow Street (1st circle) and have dinner in one of the old restaurants or go for walk in the old down-town of Amman.
  • Accommodation :Toledo Hotel or similar.
  • Meals:(None).

This morning we drive for 10 minutes to Amman center. We visit the  citadel - Jabal al- Qal'ah, the highest point in Amman, on the slope of the hill we see the Roman Temple of Hercules, 2nd c. A.D. and buildings of Umayyad Palace 7th c. A.D.

After, we descend to the Roman Theatre, in the heart of Amman to see the traditional clothes museum.

Noon time, we drive to Jerash, around 40 km far from Amman, lunch at Jerash. Jerash is an ancient site that was inhabited for over 6500 years. The main era was in Roman Times. Jerash was one of the Decapolis (ten cities) acknowledged as the best preserved Roman towns in the Middle East. 

Walking around oval plaza, colonnaded street, south theatre, and Haydrian gate. 

Like one hour drive journey back, we will be at our hotel in Amman.


  • Accommodation: Toledo Hotel or similar.
  • Meals :Break-fast.

An early breakfast this morning ready for a prompt departure to Madaba - a town with a strong Christian heritage and aptly dubbed the 'City of Mosaics'. Around 90 minutes from the capital, Madaba is home to hundreds of Byzantine-era mosaics, the most famous of these is the 6th century map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Created with two million pieces of vividly coloured local stone, it is believed to be the oldest surviving map of the Holy Land.

Continuing our journey for another 20 minutes, we will arrive at Mount Nebo, referenced in the Old Testament as the place that Moses once stood to look over the Promised Land. This sacred location is important to many devoted pilgrims and on a clear day offers views out across the Dead Sea, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Later this morning we carry on travelling south, just as traders, armies and pilgrims have done before us, along the impressive 5,000-year-old King's Highway to Kerak. Imposingly situated on a rocky outcrop next to the road and containing a maze of stone-vaulted halls and passageways, this ancient Crusader stronghold is the most famous among a chain of fortresses built for the Holy War against Islam.

  • Accommodation:(Rummana Camp or similar)
  • Meals: Break-fast, dinner

After break-fast, we get transfer to Dana Village, we start the walk from there, descend from Mediterranean climate (1200 m) above sea-level to (100 m) above sea-level. Through this walk, we explore the open area of Dana, natural floral museum.

Dana valley (our walk) is the most important geological aspect in this region.

This canyon joins the rift valley in Wadi-Araba Desert.

We visit the ancient copper sites in Feynan along the walk, and learn about medicinal plants and their usages.

At the end of the walk we get transfer to Petra, through (Namalah-Road) Panoramic road over-looks Wadi-Araba desert.

When you arrive the campsite, you will have dinner around the campfire under the stars with tea on woodfire. You will have your own tent, Bedouin camp, single or twin tents and sharing facilities. See Bedouin tents scattered on the vast desert, experience three climates zones (Mediterranean, Irani, and desert climate). 


  • Accommodation: Petra Palace Hotel or similar
  • Meals: Break-fast, lunch.
  • Walk distance: 16 km.
  • Grade: Easy


Walk via the back-way of monastery.

After break-fast, we drive for 20 minutes to little petra, visit the ancient caravan stations (3C B.C       – 2nd  C. A.D) and walk from there from a cross wild plateau called Alzantour, over lokking Wadi-Araba to the ruins of petra.

From Jabal Al matalah we follow a trail along spectatular ledges to arrive at the cliffs of the top of Petra where we entre via the monastery (AD-Deir), we walk down the steps to the main site to the Daughter Castle Temple, colonnaded street, Royal Tombs, the Nabateans theatre all the way to the most popular monument, the treasury (Al-Khaznah) and exit Petra via the twisting canyon (Siq) to the visitor centre.   

  • Accommodation :Petra Palace Hotel or similar.
  • Meals: Break-fast
  • Walking distance:16 km
  • Grade: Moderate.

Early departure via King’s Way to Wadi-Rum, upon arrival to Rum Village, we load our luggage in a Jeep car, and we start the walk through powerful evocative and vast wild nature of Wadi-Rum to our camp site. Wadi Rum is a massive desert in the southern part of Jordan and totally unique among the rest of deserts around the world. This part of the desert was home for many of the previous civilizations. Wadi Rum is also known as the Moon Valley because of the spectacular colourful sand dunes and huge rock formations that compare to the landscape of the moon itself.  The clear night skies give you an opportunity to do some amazing star gazing. Scenes from famous movies were shot here the Lawrence of Arabia, Star War and the Martian.

Today we set off to explore Wadi Rum desert and experience life as a Bedouin.  Leaving in the morning our bus will take us to Wadi Rum visitor centre where we will transfer to 4WD vehicles for a 2-hour drive across the red desert.
Occupying 74000 acres, Wadi Rum has monolithic outcrops of granite rock and sandstone which rise out of the desert with a drifting blanket of sand between them. 
The Bedouins learnt to live with this hostile environment 3000 years ago. Understanding the importance of keeping moving to live with the elements and find food and water, the camel was an ideal livestock to help their lifestyle.  This afternoon we have the chance to experience a camel ride and learn about this precious alliance between the dromedary and the nomads.
After sunset, we enjoy the Bedouin hospitality around the campfire under a blanket of stars; a great setting to share stories while sipping mint and sage tea. A traditional zarb, consisting of a chicken or a goat meat (vegetarian options available) cooked under the desert sand, is served as well as a delicious selection of mezze.
The campsite we use presents the opportunity to experience traditional Bedouin living arrangements in a large communal style goat hair tent, which provides the best protection against typical desert extremes of hot and cold weather. The tent is laid out with rugs, mattresses, pillows and blankets and is where each tribe would commune to eat, sleep and socialize, as well as a fire pit to sit around and enjoy some local sweet tea. 
A toilet and wash block with limited washing facilities is also available during our stay. Private tents can be paid for locally should you wish, subject to availability.

 Evening activity: 

Coffee lesson on wood fire , and story teller by a Bedouin about life and culture

Accommodation:   Bedouin camp

Meals:   Break-fast, lunch, dinner.

Distance: 15 km

Difficulty: Moderate

After break-fast we walk back to Rum Village you may want to experience the desert on camels or walk, if you want to make less effort, you could take the Jeep car straight ahead to our bus. 1 hour journey to Aqaba. Check in Hotel and explore the amazing coral in Red Sea, either from boat or private beach. Before sunset you may want to walk in Aqaba city, as Aqaba is the favorite place for locals, because it’s the only costal city in Jordan.

  • Accommodation: My Hotel or similar.
  • Meals: Break-fast
  • Distance:10 km

This morning we depart Aqaba and follow the Wadi Araba road, where you see two countries along the journey, Israel on the left side and Jordan on the right side (We signed peace treaty with Israel 1994)

This scenic road goes on the bed of the rift valley where colors of dunes and mountains are changing the scenery in dramatic way. 

We will see the Ghore farms where most of vegetables and fruits on Jordanian dish come from. 

This is 4 hours bus journey before we arrive the Dead Sea, the unique water body that has high salt content (33%) which means no marine life survives and it's impossible to sink.

It's an amazing experience of natural floating on the calm sea.

Finally, we drive back to Amman (the capital). You've some free time for some shopping and enjoy oriental meal.

Accommodation: Toledo Hotel or similar

Meals: Breakfast

Tour ends in Amman after breakfast.  If you choose to stay longer in Jordan to do more activities, we are always available to advice.


Tour Overview :


  • This tour starts in Amman, visit the old Town of Amman, and visit the Roman Deca-polis site of Jerash.


  • Visit the old churches in Madaba and look over the Holy-land from mount Nebo.


  • Follow the King’s Way to Dana Nature Reserve and stay at Rummana Camp in the heart of nature.


  • Visit the UNESCO site Petra via the back-way of monastery.


  • Walk in Wadi-Rum for two days.


  • Relax by the Red Sea and float in Dead sea calm water.

This rate includes:  
entrance fees.
Meals (7 breakfast/ 2 lunch/ 2 dinner)
Fully guided. 
Entry visa 
Any other personal expenses not mentioned.



1950 USD Single

1750 USD Twin


Dates, Prices and Booking

Hike Dana to Petra

tour in Al-Nawatef Trail

tour in Royal Tombs

tour in Wadi Rum desert

Bedouin camp under the stars