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Food and Beverage Services

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Food and Beverage Services
Food and Beverage Service

Jordan is a country steeped in history and tradition.  Over the years these traditions have become entwined with the cosmopolitan nature of modern-day life.


As with many cultures and countries, so much is centered around food and the social aspects of dining together.  Jordan is no different and whilst the food is heavily influenced by traditional Middle Eastern dishes, there is also an extraordinary diverse selection of cuisines available.


Throughout your tour, you will be provided with meals and drinks – details of how many meals will be included in the tour price, will be listed in the itinerary. 


You will have the opportunity to experience traditional food and drink provided in local restaurants or cooked by local hosts and spend time exploring the many restaurants and cafes in one of the larger cities.


When camping, local hosts will prepare your meals using authentic recipes which can be adapted to cater for all dietary requirements.  These may include traditional Middle Eastern classics such as Baba Ghanoush, hummus and tabbouleh followed by spiced chicken and vegetables cooked in a fire pit in the ground and served with rice and fresh salads. 


When staying with host families or in local hotels – you many be served the Jordanian main dish of Mansaf – lamb delicately flavored with herbs and spices and cooked in yoghurt.  Followed by hand made sweet delicacies.


Breakfast will be hearty to set you up for you day of sightseeing, hiking or canyoning.  Breakfast menus vary depending on which hotel or campsite we are in – but you are guaranteed an excellent choice no matter where you stay. 


Packed lunches may also be provided which will include drinks and fresh fruit along with items such as cheese, cold meats and bread.


Throughout each trip you will have access to fresh drinking water to ensure you stay hydrated in the Jordanian sun – and wherever we can, we will always stop for a traditional Bedouin cup of tea!


Whatever tour you choose, you will be well catered for and have the opportunity to sample many tastes of the Middle East.




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