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All Nature Reserves in Jordan

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All Nature Reserves in Jordan

Nature Reserves of Jordan

 Desert Moon tour leaders are experienced hikers and guides and are committed to the preservation of nature.  On our tours you will be guided through the wonders of these natural habitats found across the whole of Jordan.

 Jordan is home to 8 nature reserves which are protected by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), founded in 1966, with the objective of protecting and preserving endangered species.  Since the formation of the RSCN, research has been undertaken to gather information to aid in the development of plans on how to create a sustainable living environment for wild animals and nature.

 All nature reserves have their own unique identity reaching across mountains, deserts, forests, and wetlands.  On our nature tours, you will have the opportunity to discover these places of natural beauty which are far removed from the hustle and bustle of tourist hot spots.

 For any tour where we camp out, all equipment will be provided, and the camp site locations will be handpicked to ensure the best experience and comfort for our overnight stay.  Food and drink will also be provided – and for day walking tours we advise everyone to bring a good supply of drinking water.


Jordan’s Nature Reserves:

 Ajloun Reserve (13 KM sq)

North Jordan.  Near Jerash.  Mediterranean-like environment. 


Azraq Wetland Reserve (12 KM sq)

East Jordan.  Near Azraq.  The only wetland reserve in Jordan. 


Burqu Nature Reserve (906.44 KM sq)

Northeast Jordan.  Centred on and around the Qasr Burqu archaeological site.


Dana Biosphere Reserve (320 KM sq)

In the mountains east of Wadi Araba.  Surrounding the town of Dana.  Largest reserve in Jordan. 


Dibeen Forest Reserve (8.5 KM sq)

Northwest Jordan.  Near Jerash.  Home to Aleppo Pine trees and Persian squirrels.  Smallest reserve in Jordan


Fifa Nature Reserve (23.2 KM sq)

Southwest Jordan.  Partly lies well below sea level.  You will find salt and tropical plant patterns here.


Wadi Mujib (220 KM sq)

Eastern shore of the Dead Sea.  Running through the region of Moab.  Lowest nature reserve in the world.


Shaumari Reserve (22 KM sq)

Eastern Jordanian desert.  Near the Azraq Wetlands.  Oryxs, gazelles and ostriches are some of the wildlife found here.

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