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Abraham Tour (Holy Land)
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Abraham Tour (Holy Land)

Tour Overview :

Jordan, Israel and Palestine, are located at the bottom of the Rift Valley, which has been a source of vegetables and fruits for millions of people over thousands of years.

Before 1994, this land had no sign of life and was covered with landmines meaning nobody could cross. In 1994, Jordan and Israel signed the Peace-Treaty and removed the mines, bringing life and peace to this fertile land.

As a result, this land reopened to visitors, pilgrims and travellers, to wander and enjoy the spiritual feelings in this holy area.

This tour introduces you to the culture and history of this region; Muslim, Christian, and Jewish, giving you a real history of political, religious, and social conditions in a non-extremist or ideological way.

 Included in the tour:
Meet and greet by airport representatives to assist with visa entry and hotel transfers
Group visa
Accommodation in 4- & 5-star hotels as mentioned per day.
H.B  Basis /AC/ AC.C bus
English speaking guide all through in Jordan and Israel
Borders visa and departure taxes
Age range (18-90). 

Group size 2--14


Flight tickets
 Any other personal expenses.

The price varies according to the participant’s number

Price: 3800 USD

 Tips for sustainable travel on this trip


  • Leave no trace: We do all we can to ensure we leave no litters behind in the wild and beautiful places we visit. If there are no recycling facilities in-country, we’d ask you to consider bringing recyclable materials home with you.
  • Plastic waste reduction: Please bring your own re-usable water bottle on this trip; filtered water will be provided where tap water is not drinkable.
  • Cultural respect:
    • Some Jordanians especially women and the elderly object to being photographed so please ask first.
    • Jordanians are very proud of their country and can be offended if you take pictures of anything ‘negative’ or suggestive of poverty. Photography in military zones and strategic areas like public buildings is prohibited.
    • Handshaking is only between members of the same sex.
    • It's polite to use only your right hand when eating something without cutlery and when handing money and small objects to someone else.
    • It is common practice to remove one’s shoes before entering a mosque or someone’s home and you should tuck them under if sitting on the floor. It is respectful for women to cover their heads with a scarf when entering a mosque. Please note many mosques are not open for tourist visits.
    • Generally men’s and women’s clothing should cover shoulders and be on or below the knee.
    • During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking during daylight hours. Even chewing gum is considered haram. (forbidden). Although foreigners are not expected to follow these practices it is respectful to be discrete and not eat, drink, or smoke in general public.
    • Making the effort to fit in is invariably appreciated so being aware of these aspects of cultural respect will assist you during your travels in Jordan.

Tour Itineraries

Overnight Stay Amman.
Hotel 5 stars.

After an hour of travel from Amman, we will arrive in Jerash where our tour of the Roman Ruins (Decapolis site) begins, entering the site through the imposing Hadrian’s arch.  We will take a leisurely pace to explore the colonnaded streets, hilltop temples, striking theatres and chariot racing stadium.  With the background hustle and bustle of the surrounding city it easy to reflect on how Roman life might have been here.

Lunch at Jerash

Afternoon activity: Amman city tour (Citadel & Roman Theatre)

In Amman we will visit the hilltop Citadel enjoying the panoramic view out across the city.
As we head towards the Roman temple of Hercules we will see the tall pillars of the temple still remain in place and make their presence felt alongside parts of the 7th century Umayyad Palace.

Overnight Stay Amman
Hotel 5 stars


Here you can enjoy a dip in the holy land water of the Jordan River from the East Bank site. Spend an hour of reflection in this holy and thought-provoking location. 

We continue our journey towards Madaba and Mount Nebo and from the summit of this mountain, you overlook the land of Jerusalem and Jericho as Moses once did.
We will visit Moses’ church at the same site and see the beautifully preserved 6th century mosaics found in the ancient basilica.

After a short drive we will arrive in the city of Madaba to visit the Church of St George.

Also known as the ‘City of Mosaics’ Madaba has a strong Christian heritage and is a bustling city which is renowned for its Byzantine era mosaics, the most famous of which is the 6th century map found in the Church of St George which is believed to be the oldest surviving map of the holy land.

Overnight stay in Madaba
Hotel 4 Stars


Travel to Machaerus 40 minutes journey from Madaba through Kings Way driving through rural villages and locals to reach one of the most    inspiring locations.
This site is very important in the christians history, where John the Baptist was executed by Herod Antipas. Its a fort was built by Alexander Jannus 90 BC to protect Hasmonean tribes against  Greek attacks from this fort  you view Masada, Dead Sea and Juraslim.
Afternoon descend to Dead Sea for relax and overnight.
Day (5)
After breakfast travel on Dead Sea road where you enjoy the scenery of both lands and territories in Jordan and Isreal all through the past area of Jordan valley descend through mountains of Tafelih through Dana.
Visit Shoubak Castle ( Crusades 1115) continue to Kings Way to Petra.
Overnight 5 stars
Day (6)
Visit the Nabatean lost city of Petra to explore the natural art in the sand patterns. Walk through the twisting  Siq. Enjoy the magastic seen of Treasury 1st century BC 4 hours guided tour that shows you the main highlight of Petra, Theatre, Royal Tombs and Colonnade street to the Daughter-Castle Temple.
Afternoon, free time to( explore more in Petra.
Overnight 5 stars.

After breakfast we will travel along the Dead Sea road where you can enjoy the scenery of both lands and territories in Jordan and Israel.  We will pass through the vast area of the Jordan valley and descend through the mountains of Tafelih through Dana.

Along our journey we will visit one of Jordans’ most famous Crusader castles - Shobak Castle which was built by the Crusader King Baldwin I in 1115.  The castle sits imposingly on a hill once known as the ‘Royal Mountain’ and whilst time has taken its toll on this historic site, it is still particularly striking due to its remote location.

We continue our travel along the Kings Highway where we finish our day arriving in Petra.

Overnight Stay in Petra
Hotel 5 stars


Visit the Nabatean lost city of Petra exploring this magnificent archaeological site.

We will begin our journey into Petra by walking through the 1KM chasm with towering walls known as the Siq.  The path twists and turns until you reach the majestic Treasury appearing in front of you. 
Enjoy the majestic scene of the 1st century BC Treasury.  You will have a 4-hour guided tour that shows you the main highlights of Petra including the theatre, Royal Tombs and Colonnaded Street leading to the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter (Qasr al-Bint).

In the afternoon you will have free time to explore more of this historical location.


Overnight Stay in Petra
Hotel 5 stars.

We leave Petra and head towards to Wadi Rum – a complete contrast from the busy streets of the Rose City to a vast expanse of this red sandy desert.

At Wadi Rum we will take a 2-hour jeep tour of the most beautiful desert in Jordan.   Occupying 74000 acres, Wadi Rum has monolithic outcrops of granite rock and sandstone which rise out of the desert with a drifting blanket of sand between them. With Martian like rock formations, this truly magnificent place is like a different world.

Lunch at Wadi Rum

After lunch we will drive for an hour to the Wadi Araba border crossing where we enter Israel.  Here we will spend the afternoon in Eilat.

Eilat is Israel’s southern most city and sits on the northern tip of the Red Sea.  With a busy port and great beaches, you will have plenty to see here and have a great choice of places to eat and drink.

Overnight stay in Eilat .
Hotel 5 stars .


We will depart early for Jerusalem and Bethlehem where we will visit 2 of the most fascinating ancient cities in one day.  We will explore the old town of Jerusalem which is home to the most important religious sites for Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

In the old town of Jerusalem, we will walk along the Via Dolorosa (the Stations of the Cross) to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site of the crucifixion.  Taking in the sites such as the Western Wall and the Cardo we will leave Jerusalem and head towards Bethlehem.

Bethlehem is a place of great religious value to both the Christian and Jewish faiths.  This is the birthplace of Jesus and King David and during our time here we will visit Manger Square, home of the Church of the Nativity which is one of the oldest churches in the world.  
Overnight stay in Jerusalem 
Hotel 4 stars 


We will depart early from Jerusalem and head towards Allenby Bridge which is the border crossing taking us back to the Kings Highway in Jordan.  Built in 1918 by a British General, Edmund Allenby, this bridge serves as a border crossing between the West and East banks of the river Jordan.

We will arrive back in Amman in time for our last lunch of the tour followed by airport transfers.